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  • Theme Customizations
  • Properties based on Location
  • Properties
  • Neighborhoods
  • Buildings
  • Content Relationships
  • Open house Scheduling
  • Multiple Post Types, Taxonomies and Relationships
  • All the Meta they needed

Mercedes/Berk is an exclusive private real estate brokerage, catering to buyers and sellers of luxury properties in Manhattan and the Hamptons on a global platform. The M/B team works together to tailor a personalized plan to meet each client’s specific needs and objectives, using our team members’ unique expertise, talent, and passion to help sellers realize the full value potential of their home and buyers find the property that meets their personal and financial expectations.

We were lucky enough work with Mercedes/Berk to create a site that fits so many of their needs.

We first tackled creating multiple post types for the different content; we then created multiple taxonomies to provide relationships between properties, buildings, neighborhoods, agents and more; finally we worked on their theme to match their brand. The final package is something all parties are incredibly satisfied with.