Based in Ventura CA, we specialize in web solutions that grow businesses on the internet. Whether you’re a website owner that needs some help or a small business that’s starting out or a large social networking site with over a million users we can help.

Who we are.

Dan Cameron started Sprout Venture ( under ScatteredMedia ) in 2004; the passion was WordPress development and media (specifically video). Small freelancing projects continued through 2008 until I took the leap out of the start-up scene in order to balance what I love: web solutions and family.

Prior to the launch of Sprout Venture in 2008 our experience included project management on multi-million dollar projects and director positions within web development and marketing for a top 100 e-commerce company…the experience is rich here.

Currently Sprout Venture is a family business, run by Dan Cameron; tight connections with local and remote freelancers give us all the help that’s necessary to fullfil any web development project.

What services do you provide?

Just about anything and everything related to the web; we’re called solution engineers for a reason. We’ll be happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

How we help everyone.

Freelance development gave us our business but we’re agile enough to provide for any business—regardless of size or platform. We can do this because we’re not limited to a one man shop and we utilize some of the most talented designers and developers around the US.

Mercedes/Burk Real Estate

Simply put, Dan at Sproutventure is brilliant. Fast, easy to work with, understanding and great at what he does makes choosing Sproutventure for any web based projects a no-brainer. Anyone looking for a developer should stop the search. If anyone is looking for a reference, I would be glad to pick up the phone.


Yes, we use freelancers.

If we’re not able to provide the solution in-house we contract the best person for each task, the intent is to provide you with the an awesome service and hiring the best freelancers around the U.S. allows us to exceed expectations.

We’re also lucky to have some of the best local developers and designers in Ventura County work with us.

How about your quality of work?

We'll let our portfolio answer that question.

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