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The New Sprout Venture

Welcome to the new SproutVenture.com website. I hope you like what you see, it’s been a lot of work to get from where we were to where we are now.

Why the change?

Even though our old site served it’s purpose of providing basic company information and some examples of our work it wasn’t fulfilling the needs of our prospective clients. Our new site allows us to feature our projects in a more digestible way, sorting is available and detailed information about some of our larger projects is provided.

The challenge of content.

One of the challenges of creating this new site was content. I personally don’t like writing but sections needed to be written:

  • Homepage – This was easy, since the images were done well before the design was complete and the other content is generated from other sections of the site.
  • Portfolio – I’m really proud of this section, I’ll review it more below.
  • Services – If you’re a services company this is a no brainer.
  • Services > WordPress – A lot of our current business consists of WP and creating a new section detailing out our services for WordPress was a priority.
  • Process – It’s purpose is to show the prospective clients our professional workflow. Even though we tend to primarily freelance, providing our process up-front will allow us to build some respect for the work we do. It’s also great to reference to the site instead of copy-pasting it into future emails.
  • Testimonials – Hoping to get more in the coming weeks. I went the route of styling the bubble a’la twitter with all CSS ( no images ).
  • About – Linked to from the homepage and navigation this is a place for someone to get familiar with our business.
  • Blog – I hope to update this at least twice a month, but no guarantees.

What’s so special?

The portfolio section was the main focus of the site, a lot of work was put into getting it just right.

  • Custom functions were built in order to return clean results for AJAX.
  • The jQuery quicksand plugin was used to create the UI/X.
  • The template is also used for category pages and tag pages.
  • WP post thumbnails were not used, but a custom function to return the post images was created.

There’s a lot behind this one page, somethings I’d love to go into detail in the future.

The project pages use a custom gallery for navigating through project images. Check out the current featured project to see how it works.

@fontface we’re using typekit to serve up some complimentary type.

Custom templates were made to change the background and colors, these templates will be used for future landing pages ( examples soon ).

That’s not it.

I hope to blog more here, so please subscribe to our feed.

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