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WordPress was pushed to the limits for this project. The system allows for green project owners to crowd source by listing their projects as contests, communicating with bidders, approving designs and managing document handovers.


The mission of SecondProject is to create an online community in which designers of green innovation and managers developing small to large scale green projects can network to create solutions for green projects. These projects could be anything from retrofitting a car for bio-diesel to designing a green housing development. Our goal is to provide two things: 1) a community in which project managers can profile their projects to receive community feedback and designers can profile their own skills and work in order to network, and 2) a system through which project managers can run contests to receive design solutions for specific components of their projects. The managers will offer a reasonable prize and the necessary information, and designers will submit their best design solutions, according to the information provided, in order to compete for the prize. With these two components (the community and the contests), our mission is to create the go-to site for green development and innovation.


SecondProject is an online green design marketplace / crowd-sourcing platform, that allows members to:

  1. Browse and search all projects and contests
  2. Post and comment on projects or contests
  3. Create and manage personal accounts.
  4. Operate as both designers and project managers through the account page.
  5. Send messages between members.

Nonmembers will have the ability to:

  1. Browse and search non-private projects and contests.
  2. Read comments for non-private projects and contests.

Designers will have the ability to:

  1. Create and manage public profile of interests & experiences and portfolio of work.
  2. Submit, revise, and eliminate their designs for a contest
  3. Upload winning designs for designer use.
  4. Receive payments for winning submissions and track payment history.
  5. View messages and manage comments for submissions and portfolios.

Project Managers will have the ability:

  1. Create and update project profiles.
  2. Create contest, respond to submissions, select winner, download winning design, and award payment.
  3. View messages and manage comments for projects or contests. 4. Track payment history. 5. Update profile information.