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The site will focus on building the owner’s reputation as a knowledgeable resource and the market’s awareness of the benefits, methods and science behind Forecasting and Operations Management and Research. Eventually, the owner plans to act as a consultant in the field, and will build this reputation through insightful articles, videos, and organized instruction, to include case studies.

The site will focus on theory, practical usage, and a variety of tools to include Excel and MATlab. While the ultimate goal is to build status of the owner, supplemental income is a secondary goal which will be earned through “membership” style courses that explore more advanced topics, and affiliate sales.

The owner is planning to earn a PhD in Operations Research, and to attain Black Belt certification in Six Sigma. The website will be a forum for presenting information for the following four groups:

  • Small to Medium business owners looking to expand profitability and efficiency
  • Students in Operations Research, in an MBA curriculum, and those exploring the field
  • Workers who are interested in Six Sigma Certification
  • Those who are seeking Business Process consulting services to help their business operate more efficiently or to solve a complex problem that is limiting their business.

Future expansion will focus on two different products:

  • Six Sigma Certification training course
  • “MBA in a Box” condensed training courses for those who want an expanded business education, but are not interested (or can’t afford) a full time college commitment