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MySwimCoachOnline is a membership site that provides workouts to it’s members. The service requires single-item purchases of workouts or a subscription. The site has the ability for corporate re-branding, allowing affiliates to have custom domains and look-and-feel to match their company image.


  • Membership capability with subscriptions and single item purchase capability
  • Customized login, registration and password recovery: taking out the WordPress hoops for a memberships
  • On-site purchase with Paypal Payments Pro integration and Paypal offsite purchase
  • Promo code capability
  • Purchase Tracking for promotions, single item purchase and subscriptions
  • WordPress 3.0 Custom Post Types
  • Custom Post Type queries/search
  • Easy administration with a workout builder for front end post creation
  • WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu Management
  • Member preferences to deliver the workouts immediately on login
  • Future workout notes capabilites
  • Social network integration
  • Print CSS for workouts
  • CSS3 styles

A simple site delivered with custom WordPress plugins and a WordPress theme.