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The Law Offices of David Lehr Law is a great example of what we can provide from end-to-end; to help a business grow in this world of online branding, presence and conversion.

The Law Offices of David Lehr Lawis a local business we strategized with to create an online portfolio of sites to network and create great SEO traffic. Since launch traffic has increased 35% and 700% over the network of sites ( one of which is new ).

Custom widgets were created for maximum customizability.

The Carrington Theme framework along with some in-house tools we provide all of our clients to utilize the WordPress platform for content management.

Online Marketing, including search engine marketing or SEM is another responsibility. In this case we’re focusing on ROI, the conversion being a phone call, email or fax; and since phone and fax isn’t handled programmatically we help with the business side of measuring goals.