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Since 2009 Sprout Venture has been working diligently on creating and expanding the capabilities of Group Buying Site (GBS). Our contributions to GBS have helped it evolve into a remarkable social buying platform that’s utilized by many businesses worldwide. Along the way we’ve also designed and developed several GBS themes and custom built features for our clients.

Group Buying Site (GBS) offers premium WordPress themes and plugins to run your very own online daily deals website like Groupon or LivingSocial. We take great pride in the quality of our products and services to ensure that our software contains well-written code, that our designs are intuitive, and that customer service is top notch.

GBS makes it easy for you to get your very own online group buying business up and running in just a few hours. We leverage the power of WordPress as a content management system to allow GBS owners the ability to easily create and manage their daily deals through a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, because WordPress is so easy to use and intuitively designed, almost anyone can operate and deploy their own daily deals site using our GBS plugin/theme. Simply install our GBS plugin/theme, configure your theme’s/plugin’s options, create some deals, and launch your site.
GBS is the originator of the premium Group Buying Plugin and Group Buying Theme for WordPress. Some people may refer to it as the Groupon of WordPress. Our goal for GBS is to manufacture an easy to use collective buying system so that businesses and individuals can operate their own daily deals website. WordPress offers a well established and ever growing community of business owners that are always looking for new opportunities to monetize their websites. For them and many other aspiring entrepreneurs, GBS and WordPress are a perfect match. In contrast to shilling out thousands of dollars for software, or partnering with group buying platforms that take a majority of all your sales, why not launch your own group buying site using our out-of-the-box daily deals solution today?

If you have any questions regarding GBS and its line of products, see our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Read more about the Group Buying Site plugin for WordPress at groupbuyingsite.com.